Re: Semantics of <Hn>

Steve Heaney (
Thu, 12 Aug 1993 11:33:05 +0200

I would just like to second Klaus' remarks.

Almost SGML is not good enough. It is not just a problem of not being
able to use any public domain SGML tools but I would have thought that
it will *increase* the effort required to develop HTML(+) applications.

As the number of applications increase, every developer needs to be aware
of the plethora of quirks that are supported by other applications in
order to fit in.

Surely requiring parseable documents is good for authors who have the
assurance that their document can be understood by all applications, good
for developers in having a clear requirement to develop to, and good for
end users who should have a greater choice of applications to use.


Steve. (Your man on the ground)