Re: WWWWW Notes

Tony Sanders (
Wed, 11 Aug 1993 12:11:33 -0500

> Tony Sanders writes:
> > The ultimate goal was to define HTML and HTTP/1.0 at a fine enough
> > level that we could issue RFC's and have a stable base to build on.
> What's the status of this? There are interesting developments afoot
> that I want to follow closely.
I listed the interesting changes to existing practice in the notes (though
Mosaic does most of them already). Things are pretty much frozen now for
HTML and HTTP/1.0.

> > * Scanned images of all attendees (except marca) online :-)
> Why not marca? :)
He wanted to remain anonymous :-)

> > * The <LINK REL="Style" HREF="..."> for style guides (in my
> > print-out it has <LINK STYLE="...">).
> Explain?
If a document contains:
<LINK REL="Style" HREF="">
Then the broswer can retrieve the UR* and use it as a style guide
for rendering the document. The details are in the Style Guide
proposal which I don't have a pointer to, someone else will have
to provide us with that information. Everyone pretty much agreed
that it would work and would be easy to implement so until we get
a prototype implementation there isn't really much more to do other
than document it.

Basically it looked like:
{ @DEFAULT ... }
{ @TITLE font(size=24) }
{ @BODY font(family=sans-serif,size=18) }
Where all the values are defined in the proposal.

This doesn't change HTML or HTTP/1.0 so it doesn't have to be part of
the official RFC (though I suspect REL="Style" will be in the suggested
<LINK> relationships).

> Thanks for the notes. Who were the Official Note Takers?
You're welcome. I don't know, each splinter group had different ONT's.