About the HOME page.

Omy Ronquillo (omy@sj.ate.slb.com)
Wed, 4 Aug 93 18:20:17 PDT


I understand that if I issue the command

xmosaic http://some.cpu.com/welcome.html

This will set the HOME page to this welcome.html file. Right?

If I were to set up a button in one of my tools called help and I
want to hypertext link it to a different file- say sometool.html, how can
I make the button "HOME" go to the original welcome.html file?
The help button will be a call to xmosaic http://some.cpu.com/sometool.html.
Does anyone have a better suggestion in doing this?

I know that setting the WWW_HOME environment will set the default
HOME page when issuing the xmosaic command.


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