Re: news

frans van hoesel (
Wed, 4 Aug 1993 12:18:20 +0100 (MDT)

> Hiya everybody,
> > Is everyone else getting two copies of mail from www-talk, or is it
> > just me?
> Me too.. I thought I better not complain, since nobody else mentioned
> this problem, and I didn't want to add to the traffic of the list.
Me too.
> Say, while I'm here: What do you people think of starting a newsgroup?
> It would be more convenient to use than a mailing list: One can select
> articles by subject and filter out threads that are not interesting.
> Another advantage would be that we would also have more people from the
> Net "stumbling in" and perhaps could get them interested in WWW.
> What do you think?

that would be a great improvement. if only for it keeps my mailbox
in better shape.

- frans