Extensions to WWW

Per Einar Dybvik FDX (Per.Dybvik@nta.no)
Wed, 4 Aug 1993 11:00:12 +0200

I am currently involved in writing a project proposal
for a RACE-project called CIO. In fact is a extension
to an already existing project. The aim of this project
is to develop new services on top of ATM.
The MOU-ATM, a european pilot ATM-network, will be established
in mid-94. The CIO project will use this network for
piloting new services. CIO aims to develope protocols,
different multimedia services (mail, audio/video-conferencing) and
end user-applications.

In the extension to this project we will now bring in new services
and applications like interactive multimedia databases and virtual reality
in context of distributed virtual telemuseum. Several norwegian, swedish,
finnish and germans plan to participate in this new work package.

The Norwegian Telecom Research are currently working with WWW and are
managing the norwegian home-page (which will be ready soon). We would
like to bring in WWW as a key technology in this RACE project. Some of the
things that we love to see is:
- Support for real-time audio and video communication (not bulk-transfer)
that allow CD-quality audio and high quality video (maybe HDTV) to
be used.
- Taxation
- Security
- Access-control
- Porting HTTP to run over XTP

Can anyone tell me the future plans of WWW ? How should
organizations proceed if they want to make extensions ?
Is there any formal kind of cordination in the development
of WWW ?

Per Einar Dybvik
Norwegian Telecom Research