mif to html--help please

Alan Noble (noble@sj.ate.slb.com)
Tue, 3 Aug 93 16:17:33 PDT

I run:

xlisp mif2html.l < my_mif > my_html

and get a document which looks like:

<Body>The idea of having to maintain over 100,000 lines of scantily documented ``C'' source code might be considered a nightmare but this is probably a sad fact of life in many software groups. Trepidation usually sets in when this existing mammoth needs porting or, even worse, ``enhancement''. Downright terror results when the author of this colossal corpus of code passes away or leaves the company.</Body>
.....<stuff omitted>

What are these <body> tags exactly, and how do I get *real* HTML?

Alan Noble

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