Re: flame: choose _here_ to get information

Peter Lister, Cranfield Computer Centre (
Tue, 03 Aug 93 11:55:44 BST

One thing I'm sure of: the word "click" is not correct, since it
doesn't help anyone with a dumb terminal using www or lynx, where the
action is "enter number" or "press return". The action shouldn't be
described in the document, unless it is genuinely an introduction to
using hypertext for a particular (set of) browser(s).

I also dislike "here" as a link; I try to use the actual topic.

e.g. Here is <a href=prl.gif>a picture of me</a>
NOT A picture of me is <a href=prl.gif>here</a>

Personally, I would remove the introductory "Here is" from the first
example, unless it's part of a sentence, but then I prefer things terse.

Since we're discussing style, how about these...

Where a doc refers to a subject (e.g. it's author) several times,
should there be links to the description of that subject on every
mention, or just the first, or the "defining use" or what? I went
through a phase of putting in a link to my description on every use of
"me" or "I". Now I just tend to initial a doc at the bottom and put the
link to ./prl.html in there.

As an institution, we have a logo, and a policy that all published docs
bear our logo. Is it reasonable to include this on all HTML docs
(possibly by hacking out HTTP server)? Similarly, is it a Good Thing to
hack our HTTP server to automatically "sign" all documents by looking
at the owner of the file, and appending a link to that user's
description, if there is one?

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