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David C. Martin (
Mon, 02 Aug 1993 10:46:59 PDT

Yes, but I also think Frans is talking about structural information that
needs to be reflected in the viewing client, not expressed within
document, i.e. moving to the table of contents, etc...

Although I can envision a completely hyperscript/link document that
would be both the document and the viewer, there still seems to be
standardization on the presentation of the structural information by the
viewer (and the printer, for that matter).

Steve Heaney writes:

To generalise, what Frans is requesting is conditional text.

The logical way way of accomplishing this in SGML is to use the marked
section feature. Marked sections are used to show which parts of
documents should not be processed, or only processed under certain


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Subject: yet another tag
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more and more documents begin to contain lements that are only
there for interactive usage (eg left and right arrows for navigation)

when printing these documents to paper it would be nice if they could
be suppressed.
so I propose yet another tag or parameter to a tag to indicate that
the next part is not to be used when printing the document to paper.

- frans

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