Re: Handling of unknown attributes of a tag by a browser

Dave_Raggett (
Fri, 30 Jul 93 12:46:30 BST

Fred Williams raises the question of what browsers should do with
unknown attributes:

> Is it intended to:
> 1) just ignore the illegal attribute and process the
> tag otherwise,
> 2) or, ignore the tag and associated text to the end
> tag,
> 3) or some variation on the above.
> For example, in HTML+, the following tag <p classifier="XXX"> I would
> think should still generate a paragraph break even if the attribute
> 'classifier' is not understood by the browser. The same would be for
> <h2 classifier="YYY">

I believe that unknown attributes should be ignored, in the same way
that elements with unknown tags are currently ignored, i.e. option (1).

Thanks for raising this point, I will make sure it gets into the next
revision to the HTML+ spec.

Many thanks,

Dave Raggett