Re: HTML+ spec now available in other formats

Peter Lister, Cranfield Computer Centre (
Mon, 26 Jul 93 11:53:46 BST

> n.b. Its going to be much much easier writing documents in HTML+ than
> with MS Word and having to fight styles, fonts and pagination etc. :-)

I think I have to disagree with you there, Dave. Try telling that to
the MS Word fans here. MS Word (and Interleaf, PageMaker, WordPerfect)
are a helluva sight easier to write in than a text editor, even with
Marc A's excellent GNU mode to help.

What I (and I think you) really want are output filters for the like of
MS Word (and/or RTF) that produces HTML(+) to make PUBLISHING it
easier. I had a desperate try a few months ago, and the results were
fairly horrible (I tried to use DEC's RTF and SGML CDA converters).
While we're on the subject (again) I repeat my cry; has anyone written
such a filter yet? I'd have a go if I had the time and even the
faintest understanding of RTF.

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