Re: Search keyword dialog box in Mosaic 2.0pre0?

Brian Smithson (
Fri, 23 Jul 93 09:55:24 PDT

On Jul 23, 2:18pm, R J Williams wrote:
> Frans wrote,
> >Guido wrote,
> >> My preference (which I expressed before
> >> :-) would be to take 3rd mouse click in an anchor as a command that
> >> pops up a little dialog showing as much about the anchor.
> >
> >In general it seems not a good idea to use a 3rd mouse button in portable
> >software (There are even computers with only one mouse button)
> As the Xmosaic uses Motif it is appropriate to follow the Motif style guide
> which states that the third mouse button should be used for application
> specific functionality. (The style guide assumes a three-button mouse.)

I think that the original message was suggesting a third mouse _click_
(i.e. triple-click) and not the use of a third mouse button.

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