Re: Search keyword dialog box in Mosaic 2.0pre0?

R J Williams (
Fri, 23 Jul 1993 14:18:54 +0200

Frans wrote,

>Guido wrote,
>> My preference (which I expressed before
>> :-) would be to take 3rd mouse click in an anchor as a command that
>> pops up a little dialog showing as much about the anchor.
>In general it seems not a good idea to use a 3rd mouse button in portable
>software (There are even computers with only one mouse button)

Personally I find it distracting for urls to flash at the bottom of the
window as I move the mouse across the text area. Its useful though to
be able to find out quickly where the anchor goes without having to open
the document source window.

As the Xmosaic uses Motif it is appropriate to follow the Motif style guide
which states that the third mouse button should be used for application
specific functionality. (The style guide assumes a three-button mouse.)


Roderick Williams