Re: Search keyword dialog box in Mosaic 2.0pre0?

Kevin 'Kev' Hughes (
Thu, 22 Jul 1993 12:53:43 +0200

> From Thu Jul 22 12:09:50 1993
> From: (Kevin 'Kev' Hughes)
> To:
> Subject: Search keyword dialog box in Mosaic 2.0pre0?
> Having to go through the extra step of opening the dialog box
> before typing in a keyword seems a bit extraneous to me. How about keeping
> the old field style but only having it appear when the document requires
> it (like the way the horizontal scroll bar appears)? What does everyone else
> think?

Full Approval!

I also really miss highlighting of keywords in the found text. This
feature is present in xwais and xgopher and is the main reason for me
that I still use xwais.

At the moment it is very awkward to find the relevant parts of
retrieved documents. You have to popup the other search box and fill in
again your keywords one by one. A first step could be to supply a
default for the second search box where the default could be the first
keyword from the first search.


P.S.: My mosaic-sun (binary from ncsa) version of Mosaic 2.0pre0 crashes
when I try to print in postscript format.


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