File names and URLS

Marc Andreessen (
Fri, 16 Jul 93 05:32:24 -0500

David Martland writes:
> One other thing is that Cello seems to expect HTML files to have an
> extension of .htm whereas Mosaic uses .html

I'll look for .htm as well as .html for 2.x (although Mosaic assumes
anything not otherwise typed coming over http is html anyway, so there
shouldn't be any immediate problems here).

> It seems to me that if we use short file names, with 3 letter
> extensions, then there may be some chance that we could use single
> copies of files, without having to develop complex aliasing
> mechanisms --- I'm sorry about this - why the world has to conform
> to the lunacies perpetrated by IBMs continued attempts to sell
> software systems developed using obsolete notions of file names
> .......

Ha! Not a chance. *Grunt.*