Re: URI WG decides a couple of things

Tim Berners-Lee (
Thu, 15 Jul 93 17:45:22 +0200

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>Date: Wed, 14 Jul 93 19:13:14 -0500
>From: (Marc Andreessen)

>What about the fact that for instances of <url> in raw HTML or PRE
>text (or text being interpreted as being in one of those), browsers
>that ignore SGML tags they don't understand will just strip <...>
>right out of the text altogether?

Instances of <url> are NOT allowed in raw HTML of course!

This is strictly a method for mentioning URLs in plain text.
It meamns that you can use URLs without HTML.

Given that users won't in general see HTML (and as a general rule
anyway) this
is a good thing.

plain text is only a guess of course, there is nothing
to stop someone writing <http:junk> to confuse people.

IF <url> is represented in HTML (PRE or otherwise) it will of course
be &lt;url> and there will be no problem.