MOSAIC and embedded images... b/w vs colour

David Martland (
Wed, 14 Jul 93 12:55:08 +0100

I have been experimenting with images in HTML documents, and I have discovered that
the embedded images may display badly when viewed on a black and white monitor, using
the Mosaic browser.

Of course, when viewed with xv, the xv viewer automatically dithers the images -
so the results are acceptable - saving the images in dithered form does not however
assist the viewer which is in-built to Mosaic.

It is possible to force the images to dithered form by saving them as X bit maps, but
then all colour information is lost.

What is required is:

Colour information displayed correctly on colour displays - OK as now.

Colour information displayed with dithering on black and white displays - this would
require Mosaic to determine the type of display while running.

xv seems to cope with this OK, so maybe you could modify Mosaic to do likewise

Other browser developers may need to note this point.