Figure overlays in HTML+

Jay Glicksman (
Tue, 13 Jul 1993 13:30:09 -0700

I've just read the HTML+ pre-RFC and have a couple of requests/comments
on the FIGT overlays:

We are interested in doing annotations as overlays (i.e. the user can
draw arrows pointing to sections of text and make notes "on top" of
the base document). This would be used on top of "regular" HTML+ text
as well as FIGs. So, we would like to see FIGT permissible anywhere in
the body of a document, not just within a FIG. We know that the
position of text is not fixed in an HTML(+) document but are still
interested in this type of annotation (cf. discussion on "annotations
to changing documents").

Also, we would like to have multiple annotations as separate overlays
(e.g. so different people's comments could be in different layers).
There is a comment in the spec that "Figures shouldn't be nested" that
would seem to rule that out. We'ld prefer to have the reverse:
"overlays can be stacked".


Jay Glicksman