Re: Built in bitmaps

Tony Johnson (
Tue, 13 Jul 1993 10:14:53 -0700 (PDT)

Marc suggested...
>(a) Built-in bitmaps for browsers that support inlined images.
> <IMG SRC="internal-foo"> would refer to a specific built-in
> bitmap, where "foo" could be something like one of...
> leftarrow-small
> rightarrow-small
> leftarrow-large
> rightarrow-large
> uparrow-large

I would prefer something like

<IMG HREF="http://somenode/something/leftarrow-small" name="leftarrow-small">

The idea here would be to allow for the browser to first see if it has a built-in
called "leftarrow-small", but if not to access the bitmap using the HREF in the
standard way.

This would have the advantages of allowing browsers to choose which bitmaps to
support as built-ins, but to remain compatible with the rest of the world.
Perhaps more importantly it would allow the list of "standard" bitmaps to be
expanded easily without worry of breaking older version of browsers.

Tony Johnson
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center