Again Sp after Per

Terry Allen (
Tue, 6 Jul 1993 08:13:15 PDT

I asked a similar question on comp.text.sgml, and got a good
suggestion from Anders Thulin: if you want to maintain the
traditional convention of more space after a period that ends
a sentence, tag the abbreviations <ABBREV>U.N.</ABBREV>
and let the browser or formatter do the right thing.

I think the alternatives are to introduce an Abbrev tag or
settle for no extra space after a period. If this detail
of formatting is to be included in a style sheet or determined
by the user, it could be through a FRENCHSPACING toggle
(=YES or NO) somewhere. The term is from Tex; frenchspacing
is no extra space after a period.

I would be happy to settle for frenchspacing for WWW, at least for
now. Or we could get into the question of what spacing should
follow a colon . . .


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