messages from the WWW Library

Lou Montulli (
Mon, 5 Jul 93 17:43:11 CDT

What do you developers think about changing all of the informative
user messages that currently come out of the WWW library into some
sort of standard user_message call.

Currently there are several modules that use differing forms of user
messages when they are in use. HTNews uses NEWS_PROGRESS or some
such define which is defined to be a "printf". HTAccess uses either
"printf" or user_message. If all of these messages could be expressed
using the same routine my life would be alot simpler. I suggest
using something like "HTinfo_popup" or "HTuserMessage" or something along
those lines. The client could define "HTuserMessage" to be just a
"printf", or a popup window or a statusline message.

I would be willing to go find as many of the messages I can and change
them to this format if neccessary.

don't take me seriously, I never do,

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