Re: coupla html+ possibilities

Jim Davis (
Mon, 5 Jul 1993 09:43:43 -0400

Re built in bitmaps for browsers...

I am concerned that the WWW clients will grow to
unbearable sizes, and that the set of internal bitmaps
would grow without bounds as each one lobbied for his/her
favorite cute icon.

What's the justification for the feature? Why not just
use ordinary inlined images?

(I expect there's a good reason, but it's not explicit
in the proposal. If you make it explicit we might be
able to devise a better (more general or less expensive)
mechanism to meet the same design requirements.)

If these are going to be universal bitmaps, then you
need to provide a specification so that people can
make equivalents for them on other browsers/platforms;
perhaps you need a universal bitmap format so we can
have the same appearance on diff platforms, and maybe you
need to define the intended semantics of the icons.

best wishes