Re: WWW performance

Tony Sanders (
Sat, 03 Jul 1993 10:30:40 -0500

I wrote about:
> > <A HREF=... FREQ=44>

Marc Andreessen sez:
> (I think this shouldn't be part of the markup language; however, it's
> fun to think about how it could be pulled off otherwise. I'm in favor
> of a local agent that watches all dataflow in and out of my system and
> can therefore learn to predict what I'm going to do next.)

Yes, HTML isn't the right place for this information (shame on me). But
the user agent is going to need some outside help from somewhere (whether
it is peering with other clients or a "usage pattern" server).

I talked with Rob Raisch yesterday about his "Registrar URN Service" which
might actually be a better place to store this information. You send it
a URN and it returns a (possibly ordered) list of URLs and some auxiliary
information. This could be adapted to include the information we need if
can agree that it's the right place to do it (which it very well may not
be, it's not clear to me that it has all the information it needs to make
informed decisions).

Anyway, something to think about.