Re: Space after Periods

Daniel Miles Kehoe (fortuity!
Thu, 1 Jul 93 17:28:59 -0700

Terry Allen,

> You should look at real books instead.

I beg your pardon?

If you mean books from O'Reilly, I see many use the double space
convention, but at least one, your best-selling "Whole Internet
User's Guide" uses a single space between sentences. In the
publishing biz, I was taught to defer to "Words into Type" and the
"Chicago Manual," just as we defer to the RFCs in the Internet world.

> that's how many if not most typographers think it should be

Perhaps there's disagreement among typographers. Each publishing
house is free to set its own style, and can allow different styles
among books, too, as O'Reilly does. If you feel there's a strong
argument for html documents digressing from the "Words into Type" and
"Chicago Manual" conventions, I'd like to hear it. Perhaps offline.

Daniel Kehoe