Re: searchable index of the web

Tim Berners-Lee (
Thu, 1 Jul 93 14:01:53 +0200

>From: (Ray Stell)
>Date: Wed, 30 Jun 93 15:59:37 EDT
>If I'm running a server, how will you know to wander to it?

You just have to tell someone about it.
Preferably mail and
we'll put you in the list.

>Should there be a web of wanderers (w5?) so w4e in Europe can
>feed from w4u in the US, etc?

Domain name seems to be the best way to split it.
The problem is trading the cross-links, in case a
node in Europe can only be found by links from the US.

It would be simplified if one has the rule that
you only trace from one place on any given host,
preferably "/", so the various collectors would
only have to trade hostnames and not every
single document name. It would be interesting
to test that method.

> Why is this topic such a quiet one?

Is there any relationship between quietness of a topic and
the likelihood of a great innovation in the next 24 hours?

>Ray Stell