Re: Searchable Indexes: LISTEN NOW!

Tim Berners-Lee (
Thu, 1 Jul 93 11:38:34 +0200

Summarizing, we need

1. A standard URL like http:/Catalogue.html

2. A convention for saying "no" which could be just an existing
but void file.

3. A standard format for the file.

4. A PD program distributed with the server to generate
the file so that many people will do it weekly.

The format could be a set of
links where the content was the title of the document.
<a href="/docs/overview">Overview of our documentation</a>
which would have the advantage of human readability.
I agree it would be useful to have some depth information
or at least a weight.

It could be alternatively

<LINK TITLE="Overview of hour documentation"
WEIGHT= 0.654>

where we could argue for hours about the meaning of
WEIGHT. (WEIGHT is an extra, but the rest is standard

In either case, a "no" catalogue could contain
a ploite message, and no list.