Searchable Indexes: LISTEN NOW!

Nathan Torkington (
Thu, 1 Jul 1993 15:07:48 +1200 writes:

> >1) Sites should be able to just say ``No''. If I don't want my ftp
> >site to appear on archie, I can say so -- the web should be the same.
> The way I've dealt with the problem is to list only sites that seem to
> be public. The list of sites that I have are gotten from public
> sources and I try and cull sites with any sort of restriction on them.

I'm suggesting a different method -- perhaps the URL
should have something like


> The trouble with ls-lR, is that it doesn't contain keyword and breadth
> information. Without such information, an index is very difficult to
> deal with.

Which is why the format and contents of the archie-like files should
be agreed upon before anything is done. That way the HTTP daemon can
be tweaked to provide these automagically, if need be -- local access
will (99.995%) always be (a) quicker, (b) smarter, and (c) cheaper.