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Nathan Torkington (
Thu, 1 Jul 1993 12:16:18 +1200

Before anyone starts cron-jobs walking the web every 15 minutes, let's
get some things straight:

1) Sites should be able to just say ``No''. If I don't want my ftp
site to appear on archie, I can say so -- the web should be the same.
2) Sites should be able to say ``Go away -- I've done it all for you''
and have the equivalent of ftp:/ls-lR.Z in /
3) Other collecting sites should be able to say ``here's what I got,
and the dates I got them on -- wanna swap info?''. Why have 15 sites
walking the web and duplicating the effort?

Futhermore, all these things (or at least 1 and 2) should be in place
BEFORE the first web-wide test is made.

With all these in mind, and continuing the archie/veronica/jughead
tradition, allow me to suggest ``Josie and the Pussycats'' as a name
for this service.