Re: And now for something completely different!

Tony Sanders (
Tue, 29 Jun 1993 16:22:44 -0500

Web Faces

Lou Montulli writes:
> Now that WWW has hypermedia capibilities wouldn't it be nice to have a nice
> collage (sp?) of developers faces. I'm also sort of mystified as to how
> everyone looks and would rather avoid all of the suprise at the upcoming
> developers conference. I will therefore take the lead and publish my
> face as a URL. (No laughing please!)

Yes, I agree. Maybe we could digitize "faces" at the workshop? If someone
just brings a video camera we can grab frames later and send them back
the person for publishing. Is anyone willing to do this, or am I the only
one without a digitizer?

Net Access at Workshop?

I expect Dale etc already thought of this but just in case...

Are we going to have Internet access at the Workshop? I might be able to
provide temporary copies of BSD/386 if someone else (Dale?) could provide
some PCs with network cards. I'll be in Tuesday night and would be willing
to pop down and help install/setup whatever (this holds true even if you
don't need BSD/386 for the PCs, I will be willing to help out in whatever
way I can, just let me know, I'll be around Saturday also).


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