Re: RE two PREs

Marc Andreessen (
Thu, 24 Jun 93 23:23:14 -0500

Kenneth Chang writes:
> >> = Terry
> > = Dave Raggett
> >> Presently in xmosaic PRE is presented in a typewriter font; this is okay
> >> for code examples (unless you have in-line annotations that you want
> >> distinguished from the code) but not for all forms of text that should
> >> be displayed verbatim (poetry). So either two PREs are needed, or the
> >> font change in PRE should be invoked specifically, perhaps by using
> >> CODE inside PRE.
> >
> >HTML+ has a style attribute for the PRE tag with just such ideas in mind:
> >
> ><!-- Preformatted text with fixed pitch font,
> > respecting original spacing and newlines.
> > The style attribute allows authors to specify
> > alternative styles, e.g. "poem" which browsers
> > could render in a proportional font.
> I think Terry's solution of requiring a <CODE> to get a fixed-width
> font within a PRE is simpler and more general. Right now, I come across
> things such as addresses, e.g.
> National Center for Supercomputing Applications
> 405 E. Springfield Avenue
> Champaign, Illinois 61820
> that there really isn't any way to code in HTML sensibly. It certainly
> isn't a poem, either.

A line-break primitive would solve that and keep <pre> pure (the whole
point behind <pre> is that it's preformatted in ASCII and browsers
shouldn't screw around with that formatting; it shouldn't simply mean
"newlines significant").