Nathan Torkington (Nathan.Torkington@vuw.ac.nz)
Fri, 25 Jun 1993 10:58:09 +1200

What I thought would be really valuable is a WWW developers (possibly
and users) BBS, telnettable to. That way the conversation could be
subdivided into topics (``boards'' for Clients, Mosaic, Servers, CERN
Code, WAIS, Getting Started, SGML-flamage, &c.). The site to set this
up would need to be well connected, though (hint hint :-).

A problem I find with the mailing list is that *everything* is here,
which is not necessarily a good thing :). I delete more than I read,
and it takes a while for the mail to get through.

As an interim idea, why not use IRC to communicate informally? I'll
join #WWW on IRC whenever I'm on, and if there's sufficient interest,
I'll look into writing a 'bot to serve files, maybe even access the
web. Someone with a less crappy connection to the backbone might be
able to run the 'bot if it gets going.

Feedback? Abuse? See you on IRC?