direct WAIS in Lynx

Marc Andreessen (
Thu, 24 Jun 93 17:38:56 -0500

Lou Montulli writes:
> I've been porting Lynx to the 2.09 WWW library and adding the direct
> WAIS modules. My question is what is the best WAIS distribution to
> use. I downloaded wais-8-b5 and am having alot of compile troubles.
> Is there another "free" WAIS that I should be using? Is 8-b5 free
> WAIS or is it the distribution that thinking machines distributes?

"free WAIS" == "freeWAIS 0.1" == CNIDR's packaging of "normal WAIS"
(from Thinking Machines) with lots of user-contributed fixes [boolean
searching, etc.] == the predecessor of freeWAIS 1.0, CNIDR's Mother of
all WAIS's and Z39.50-92 engine. The FTP site is

> It looks like this isn't going to work on alot of machines anyways
> since WAIS requires an ANSI C compiler.



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