Re: link areas within images

Tony Sanders (
Thu, 24 Jun 1993 10:38:16 -0500

I would like to see this also, exactly as peter described it (using
+ to seperate each x,y pair). What we really need to define are the
semantics for the browser ISMAP="point" rect poly??? I'm not sure how
to do this in a generic way (do we also need "sound" "video"??).
Maybe instead of telling the browser the type of selection the browser
should tell the server: http://server/europe?poly+x,y+x,y...

But maybe the ISMAP should still have a hint about what's expected?

> I've just played with Xerox PARCs world map, and been following the
> discussion of hot spots with images, and arbitrary polygon hotspots.
> It occurs to me to ask whether the various mechanisms described can
> handle sending an arbitrary region of the image, e.g. could my broswer
> permit me to draw an outline of the region (e.g. Europe on the world
> map) I want, then send back a URL for map?X1,Y1+X2,Y2.
> This seems to be a reasonable requirement, but I haven't seen it
> explictly describe in the correspondence so far.
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