How do I use Xmosaic's ISMAP flag with CERN httpd

Marcus Speh (
21 Jun 1993 09:03:02 +0000 (GMT)

I am currently writing the hypertext doc to a class library
which I want to be fully transparent for the public. Thus, I
prepared an image of the Class Inheritance Tree with neat
boxes. I thought I'd use the ISMAP feature [I have XMosaic v1.1
for SGI-Irix4d]: I followed your demo, i.e. I have a file which
<A HREF="./decodeMGLIB"><IMG SRC="MGLIB-all.gif" ISMAP>
and in the same dir a file
<A HREF="/decodeMGLIB?90,400">ISU</A>
<A HREF="/decodeMGLIB?180,299">MultiGrid</A>
Now, only if I accidentally hit the right coordinates,
(90,400) or (180,299), I get the wanted answer, written to files

respectively, while for other coordinates, I get the error:
**** HTAccess: socket or file number returned by obsolete
load routine! **** HTAccess: Internal software error.
Please mail!
In his reply, Tony Sanders (
who contributed this feature said he did not even know the
CERN httpd supported it. Tony also writes:
What Mosaic
should be passing to the server for your example
would be:

GET /decode?xxx,yyy

It's the job of the server to decode the xxx,yyy
coords and translate that to some document.

> these are the upper right corners of subimages

I would imagine that you have to describe both corners,
and I'll bet it's the upper-left and lower-right, not
upper-right but that's just a guess.
Now, I dont know whether this quote helps, but maybe one or the
other wizard at CERN, or an XMosaic expert knows the answer.
If that should be necessary: the files I am talking about above are
at at URL, or
<A HREF="">here</a>
(if you're reading this with WWW)
<A HREF="">
marcus </a>