Re: How can one use '#' in a URL?

Peter Lister, Cranfield Computer Centre (
Fri, 18 Jun 93 15:41:47 BST

> I don't think this is correct. Any url can make use of the # directive.
> It just tells a browser to go to a specific part of a document instead of
> to the beginning. I don't know of any browsers that actually 'generate'
> these internally.

Misunderstanding. I mean to say that I don't know how or whether
servers will react to # in a URL; as far as I am aware, browsers simply
react to them when they see them in an HTML file. I should be more precise.

> The only problem with using ./ in the path would be that the browser
> is likely to interpret it as a relative pathname. For example,

Exactly - to tar, ./foo is NOT equivalent to foo. Can anyone who is
knows URLS give the word on whether slashes should be interpreted after a ? or #.

Further, is a null search term significant or not? Is "foo?" equivalent
to "foo". I would personally hope NOT, as a null default search term
could be useful (e.g. to return a catalogue).