mosaic as a better wais client; mark up the "catalog"

Edward Vielmetti (
Wed, 16 Jun 1993 15:53:44 -0400

If you get no hits on a WAIS database, the server will return a
catalog that looks something like this:

Catalog for database: ./comp-emacs
Date: Jun 16 02:15:13 1993
62 total documents

Document # 1
Headline: steff@ims. Re: Re: I thought TeX was supposed to be free!
DocID: 0 1189 /usr2/news/comp/emacs/8592

Document # 2
Headline: Re: Emacs 19.10 available
DocID: 0 3062 /usr2/news/comp/emacs/8593


As an exercise, mark up the catalog into HTML and return it, attractively
formatted, as a document. (Or if its' too big send it back in a few
different chunks).