WYSIWYG editor for HTML (p.s. and that spacing discussion)

Nick Williams (njw@cs.city.ac.uk)
Wed, 16 Jun 1993 14:48:05 +0200

Well, I've been working on a WYSIWYG beast for editing HTML, using the
Andrew Toolkit. The editor is currently not far away from beta testing
as is. However, I'd like to provide support for editing foreign
characters and the like, but I just don't know what's available. Is
there an exhaustive list of "special" characters which HTML supports?

When I've put this in, I'll provide it for beta test to interested
people who already have the Andrew Toolkit.

Oh, and BTW, I would FAR prefer double newline to be a paragraph break,
rather than the (entirely artificial, it seems) <p> construct. And BTW,
when reading files, my editor cleans up text by converting all
whitespace to normal spaces and collapsing them down to singletons,
except in a <pre>, in which case nothing is done to the text. And
multiple <p>'s are also collapsed to singletons.

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