DECwrite -> HTML PERL script

Peter Lister, Cranfield Computer Centre (
Mon, 24 May 93 11:53:12 BST

I have written a crude but effective script which takes SGML output
from DECwrite and groks it into HTML. It's a first pass, and not
comprehensive, but it has got a few existing DECwrite docs into WWW OK.

The easy stuff is just direct translation, but because DECwrite handles
nested lists different to HTML, there's a lot of code devoted to them.
I've also got it to put footnotes at the bottom of the page, and
rebuild a table of contents. DECwrite SGML, would you believe, outputs
the page refs in a TOC as the actual page numbers as per A4 paper. :-(

The script is at

If any DECwriters out there try it, do let me know. Ta.

Peter Lister
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