Ported NCSA Mosaic for X to VAX/VMS

Martin Gelbaum (martyg%Lbl.BITNET@cearn.bitnet)
Fri, 14 May 93 12:27:20 PDT

To whom it may concern:
I ported the NCSA Mosaic for X to VAX/VMS this week.
VMS: V5.5-2; VAX C V3.2-044; DECwindows/Motif version 1.1;
Multinet version 3.2; George Carrette's (gjc@mitech.com) port of
the R5 Athena widgets; VAX 6000-610.
Made appropriate MMS files.
Added capability to preview PostScript files accessed
through Gopher to both the UNIX and VMS versions.
If this is of some use, please let me know
the best way to cooperate with the authors.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
Martin Gelbaum
LBL Computing Resources