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Dave_Raggett (
14 May 93 9:52

Cc:, bloemer

A one-way gateway will raise a severe problem.

Imagine that you read in News an announcement of x, post a followup
and assume that it will reach x, but x doesn't read news and so will
not get it.

I would like to switch to the Newsgroup and unsubscribe from the
mailing list because I want to reduce my mail traffic. But
I still want to fully participate in the discussions on www-talk.

It will be a severe mistake if the experts will talk on www-talk
and leave the users or potential users alone on the newsgroup.

The World Wide Web needs Users to become a successful project.

The already mentioned bad example is WAIS. I don't follow the
newsgroup any more because I also noticed, that the real experts
have there own discussion group and seldom answer questions on
the newsgroup.

So I would like to see:

- that the mailing lists dies completely and there is no gateway at all

Proposal 1, without explanation


- that there is a bidirectional gateway.

Poposal 2, but I have usenet


- there is a bidirectional gateway and users of the mailing-list
can subscribe to a digestified mailing-list, where they get one
summary mail per day. That is how the Khoros Group solved the
problem of large mail traffic.

Proposal 6, new one



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