Re: Mail addresses as URLs (clarification)

Marc Andreessen (
Wed, 12 May 93 13:21:50 -0500

I previously wrote:
> >some of the more cryptic addresses (e.g., gatewayed through Sprintmail
> >-- anyone seen one of those yet? strange stuff...) that are starting
> >to pop up? Sure, there can be mappings established, but why bother?

....which apparently caused some misunderstandings. My point, which I
thought was clear, was that email addresses, including
Sprintmail/X.400 addresses, should be left alone and not arbitrarily
rearranged as part of a 'mailto' or 'smtp' URL. That is, should be:

and not:


and a Sprintmail address like (just to make one up)
/PN=joe.blow/FOO=bar/BLAZ=blech/ should be:


and not:




or whatever.

Again, my point was: email addresses (including Sprintmail/X.400)
GOOD, rearranging email addresses BAD.

Hope that clears things up.


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications