Re: WWW: Local file handling

Peter Lister, Cranfield Computer Centre (
Tue, 11 May 93 17:16:32 BST

The discussion about local files prompts me to ask - how does one
distinguish between ones own local ftp area (which is what the outside
world sees when following a file URL), and the local file system
mounted under root (which is what a client program like xmosaic sees)?.
How do I refer to my own ftp area?

As far as I can see, no URL should refer to different mechanisms in
different contexts. Lets have ftp: (use ftp ONLY) and file: (local file
system ONLY, further use discouraged). I don't want an afs: URL,
because it's equivalent to file: if you're an AFS site, and useless if
you aren't. OK, AFS sites (we are one) can mount each others file
systems, but it's NOT a preferred method of allowing the world access
to info that we want to make public.