Automatic reply in HTML

Thomas R. Bruce (
Tue, 11 May 1993 06:02:18 -0400


I've already implemented something akin to your mailto: URL in Cello,
though not as detailed. My method may be slightly more in line with
URL syntax (or it may not, who knows) and looks like:


The behavior is for a mail form to pop up with the user's
(preconfigured in the MS-Windows equivalent of a .rc file) e-mail
address as sender, and with as the
recipient. I thought it unnecessarily complicated to try to specify
the content of the message beyond this....

Incidentally, this works quite nicely with any kind of doc (such as
text returned from a CSO/qi server) which contains 'actionable' email
addresses, and provides a nice way to do staff directories and such.


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