Release .3b of The WWW Browser For Emacs

William M. Perry (
Thu, 6 May 1993 18:00:02 -0500

Hey folks,
Its time to announce yet another release of my World Wide Web
browser for emacs. This will be the last release for a while, as I am
contemplating a major rewrite as an independent project for school.
(Better image support, real parser, et al)

The files can be gotten from:
file:// for the main files
file:// for the support files
file://[dvi|ps] for some documentation

If you'd just like to check out the documentation, look at: - it is the start of a
documentation tree for the browser. I'm also working on a latexinfo
version of the documentation, but its slow going. :)

As always, happy emacsing, and please send me a mail message if you pick
up the package. Also, please mail any and all bug reports/fixes and URLS
that break my browser to - I'll try to get back to you
as soon as possible.

Bill P.


I'm calling this .3b - here is a list of the major changes from the last
public release (.1?b or some such):

Mon May 3 08:16:35 1993 William M. Perry (
* Can now print the url under point - no key binding yet.
* Added the ability to store a gopher link into the hotlist - thanks
to scott snyder <> for patching gopher-mode to
support this. No key binding yet.
* Added the 'links' menu back into lucid emacs.

Fri Apr 30 11:56:57 1993 William M. Perry (
* Fixed a problem with viewing local files with w3-viewer-alist

Thu Apr 29 11:43:13 1993 William M. Perry (
* w3-fetch now defaults to the url of the current document if the
document you invoke it from is in w3-mode.
* Added ability to find links of just #link - doesn't need to reload
the whole document.
* Applied several patches fro Alastair Burt (
* Better updating of menu bar in Lucid
* Updates the interal w3-hotlist when you delete a hotlist entry
* Problem with the w3-viewer-alist - it tried to play
* Fixed problems with w3-graphics-converter-alist, and lots of
problems with the w3-hypertext-extns.
* Fixed problem with finding files for dired-mode - would still try to
do the viewing, etc.

Wed Apr 28 07:23:56 1993 William M. Perry (
* Fixed problem with dired-ing remote ftp files. Removed lots of
useless if file-directory-p [...], and just did a find-file - let
ange-ftp and dired take care of it - they know how better.
* Fixed problem where w3-epoch-frob-resources would not set the
defaults if no Xresources were specified - thanks to Luis Miguel
Silveira ( for noticing it.
* Changed the w3-delimit-links variable so that you can specify
'linkname as its value, and have the old style "Link text
here[link#here]" style of showing links. Nil shows nothing,
non-nil, non-linkname shows [[ & ]] around link text.

Tue Apr 27 15:37:18 1993 William M. Perry (
* Fixed problem in gopher handling - if no port was specified, it
would get completely confused.

Mon Apr 26 17:06:33 1993 William M. Perry (
* v.2b
* Fixed problem with putting remote dirs into dired-mode with a bad
default-filename. Thanks to Larry Masinter
( for noticing, and for the fix.
* Added newest nntp.el to the extras tar file
* Fixed problem where w3-current-last-buffer was not set correctly
when reading news.
* Added support for news: links - single articles as well as whole
groups are supported.

Sun Apr 25 15:36:55 1993 William M. Perry (
* Fixed recursive make install bug - thanks to Larry Masinter
( for noticing it.
* Fixed problem with no default gopher object type. Thanks to Larry
Masinter ( for noticing it.
* Fixed problem with no default gopher port.
* Fixed the auto-documenter so that it would insert "M-x <funcname>"
if no bindings were found in the keymap. Thanks to Larry Masinter
( for noticing it.
* Fixed problem with w3-file not passing to a viewer correctly.

Thu Apr 22 13:22:53 1993 William M. Perry (
* Fixed the handling of URL#link finding . . . depends on which
emacs you are using, due to the weirdness of zones, etc, in each.
* Split the files up again. Figure with >2000 lines, it should be
done. :)
* No longer need w3-links-list - store all relevant information in the
data segment of a zone. Changed every function to use this new

Wed Apr 21 08:24:35 1993 William M. Perry (
* Added variables w3-use-html2latex, w3-html2latex-prog, and
w3-html2latex-args. If w3-use-html2latex is non-nil, then
w3-html2latex-prog is called in a subprocess with the flags defined
by w3-html2latex-args, with the html source as standard input.
Default is to do my (bad) regular expression matching to convert.

Tue Apr 20 08:51:19 1993 William M. Perry (
* Can now specify regular expressions as the car of
* fixed problem where epoch would not defvar the styles - just moved
them out of w3-epoch-frob-resources, and it works. Weird.
* Fixed several bugs in the w3-convert-html-to-latex function - now
handles addresses and &amp; correctly.
* Fixed yet another dumb bug in the insertion of <PLAINTEXT> in
non-hypertext documents.
* Added w3-member, instead of builtin (or predefined) member, since
some definitions don't use equal for comparison like they are
supposed to.

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