Re: Problems with httpd

Tim Berners-Lee (
Thu, 6 May 93 16:02:43 +0100

Sorry, you can't operate with no rules at all now.
Operation is defined by the first in priority of:

1. -r <file> option, where <file> exists.

2. a directory name on the command line, in which
case a default rule file is assumed which just maps
everything into that directory

3. A rule file httpd.conf if that exists

4. If no rule file exists and no directory name,
a default rule file will be assumed which exports
the directory /Public as in (2).

Operation without a rule file does not work as the path
sent is not a complete url, and the rule file must map
to a URL starting with file: .

I have fixed the online documentation to reflect that
the -R option should not be used. (It was a
security hole anyway, as was documented!)