More about DOCid's and HTTP2

Tony Sanders (
Wed, 05 May 1993 20:05:45 -0500

I got this out-of-band:
> Thanks for pointing out "DOCid's" and "HTTP2". Are there any
> documents about this in the web? Do you have the full link names? Is
> the topic discussed anywhere else than www-talk? Other www-talk
> readers would probably be interested in the answers.

these talk about UDI's a little:

I couldn't find much that talks about DOCid's directly (there isn't much
because they don't exist yet :-). Anyone know where some docs are that
talk about this? I've seen them but couldn't find them right now.

I thought about writing a perl script that retrieves and greps http
documents from ~/.mosaic-global-history but then I realized there are over
1200 in my history file, whew.

Here are my top 5 servers (out of 101):
68 (my server)
81 (xmosaic)
85 (where my server code came from)
95 (xmosaic)
236 (WWW HQ)

as computed by:
------- cut: server-hist --------
#!/usr/bin/perl -n
next unless /^file:/ || /^ftp:/ || /^gopher:/ || /^http:/ || /^telnet:/;
next if /\?/; # queries don't count
s,^[^/]*//,,; s,[:/].*,,; s,\.$,,; y/A-Z/a-z/; print;
server-hist ~/.mosaic-global-history | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | tail -5

Someone should make a server where you can mail your .mosaic-global-history
file and it will munge it into some stats that we can view on the Web.