Re: Anyone using xmosaic with MacX?

Denis DeLaRoca (
Thu, 29 Apr 93 16:42 PDT

> Is anyone using MacX (an Xterminal emulator for macintoshes) as thei
> X-server for xmosaic? If so, which xmosaic binary (sun, dec, alpha,
> ...) are you using, and does it work reasonably well?

Yes, it works fine... I believe MacX is an X11R4 release of X and thus
not all fonts requested by Xmosaic are available (about 4 fonts in
total I think)... any Xmosaic client (sun, dec, etc) ought to work.
I depend on the IBM xmosaic client and it works fine... opening
telnet sessions does not work, "aixterm -v" is used for that and
it fails when it can't get the "vtsingle" font.

-- Denis