W3 examples for K12 and training materials

Tim Berners-Lee (timbl@www3.cern.ch)
Thu, 29 Apr 93 14:17:27 +0100

This is a merging of a few answers to two questions.
Any more good pointers please send to the list.

Strata Rose <strata@apple.com> wrote:

> ...here can I find some good multimedia stuff for a demo
> of Mosaic to a local K-12 unified school district?

Hypertext of the consitution of the US? link from
find it from subjects->law. US students are all supposed to thrive
on this, others may not be so excited!

The vatican exhibit is just incredible, and you have to take a tour
there if you have time. URL is ftp://seq1.loc.gov/pub/vatican.exhibit
or find it under Subjects->Literature and Art. Unfortunately there
is no guiding hypertext... so look under exhibits and then under
(say) music. Bring up the Music.txt in one window, and on a cloned
window keep the list of pictures hich you can bring up as you read
through the text. These are some beautiful pictures, and a serious

[A volunteer to hypertext this and show them the result? These guys
need a few pointers in their text and a fast http server. But if
you don't mind directory listsings, its great as it is]

How about the CIA fact book as an atlas? Find the index under
subjects: geography. Look for a country, then try "world". Sorry, no

Marc replied:

Hopefully others can help with more general recommendations, but I
suggest you take a look at.....


.....although there are some SGI-only images and animations in there,
it's got a lot of good, impressive, content-filled (I can say that
since I didn't create it) multi/hypermedia stuff that can be viewed
on any color platform.

Margaret Isaacs wrote:

> I am preparing some exercises for a hands-on workshop on networked
> information retrieval. We will have VT100 interface only. I am
looking for
> a good example of the capability of WWW but have not been very
> in finding it. What I had in mind was following a hypertext chain
of links
> through several actual documents - say from an item cited in a
document to
> the document itself, and maybe another step or two on.

It is really difficult to know which line you should take as a demo,
there are so many things to show. With a vt100 you probably want to
use Lynx. Pity you can't use the fancy stuff above!

One example:


Subjects -> computing -> unix manuals -> sun manuals -> keyword
search, find "time", -> time.1v

Now, point out:

1. We have used a mixture of searchs and jumps to get where
we wanted

2. We now have some very useful links offered, including
those back to the top of the manu pages for sun, and
also a link to the equivalent page in the HP, pyramid, and
ultrix manuals (useful for comparison!), and to other
man pages called "time" in different sections of the sun

3. These links were all generated automatically by a program:
noone had to write them.