Lysator's WWW server
Wed, 28 Apr 1993 05:35:22 +0200

For those of you who haven't noticed, there is a new server, Lysators

The '/' page:

Lysator Academic Computer Society

Lysator's Gopher service
Includes the 'Projekt Runeberg', the Scandinavian electronic text
projekt, and a lot of info about Lysator and Linkvping in general. A lot
of these texts are being converted to hypertext format, so they will be
available directly in WWW soon.

Lysator's FTP service
A lot of files, including Prime/PRIMOS; science fiction info; Amiga;
LPMUD; LysKOM apps; IRC; Gnu EMACS; Ident server software.

Info about the MUD:s at Lysator, and MUD in general
Some info about the three differents MUD's running at Lysator.

The Science Fiction Archive
The archive of Science Fiction and Fantasy that currently resides
here at Lysator is a collection of texts saved from USENET during
the last 7-8 years. It is mostly reviews and lists of different kinds.

The whole Hackers Jargon file
This one is more than 1Mb largs, so it will take quite some time to get
it, and format it for viewing. It will be fixed later.

About Lysator
Some information about Lysator Academic Computer Society, Here
all members are listed (more than 300). More data is on the way.

Om Lysator (As above, but in swedish).
Lite info om Lysator, den stvrsta universitetsdatorfvreningen i

Dynamic Information

Who's on at Lysator right now?
This is a listing of currently logged in persons.

Todays fortune
The infamous Fortune program.

Remote WWW's

Internet Info and all RFC's
The documents that provides the policies and standards of the

The NCSA Mosaic Home Page
Information about the Mosaic client program for the World Wide Web.

Data by Subject
This is a listning of different WWW services available, organized by

Selected Data
Here you can find some files from all over Internet, that have been
selected because of their interesting subjects (At the moment pointers
to a lot of etexts).

Per Hedbor (