DYNAMIC Netfind from WWW

Mitra (bloemer@tnt.uni-hannover.dbp.de)
23 Apr 93 7:42

Cc: www-bug@info.cern.ch, mosaic-x@ncsa.uiuc.edu, hardy@cs.colorado.edu,
dehning, falken, grau, muenkel, niem, woelker, wollborn, seelmann,

There is a very interesting new WAIS server. It is called DYNAMIC netfind
and performs Netfind searches via WAIS. For details see appendix of this

I tried to access this new database via the WWW-WAIS Gateway. Unfortunately
my XMosaic 1.0 client and the www 1.4a client running on info.cern.ch
both are reporting the following error:

----- Begin Included Message -----

WAISGate: Syntax error in WWW document address

Access error

The WWW-WAIS gateway reports the following error:

Syntax error in WWW document address

Address received was


Syntax is //node:port/databse

or //node:port/databse?query+query

or //node:port/database/doctype/doclength/docid

----- End Included Message -----

Dynamic searches via WAIS would be a very valuable new service which
would perfectly integrate in WWW.

Is there an easy way to patch the WAIS Gateway so that it can deal with
those kind of searches?



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