Re: how should remote path names be handled?

Tim Berners-Lee (timbl)
Thu, 22 Apr 93 23:01:36 MET DST


Your examples were all correct. Any missing infromation
is taken from the left hand end of the URL of the referring
document. When a relative path is given (no protocol,
hostname or leading /) then the rule is to strip
everything off the current URL which is to the right of
its rightmost "/", the append the relative path.
This is always what you expect, except that it might
surprise you if you don't think too hard that in directory
/a/fred, "bert" refers to /a/bert, not /a/fred/bert, so
/a/fred/bert should be referred to as "fred/bert" or "./bert".
Anyway, you are right, and if there are browsers which do otherwise
that is their problem, unless I've goofed.

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